Automatically Assign Resources to Projects (or any other Salesforce record)

There are many cases where you might want to assign a resource to a project automatically based on some criteria on the project itself.

In this scenario, Company X specializes in small business website design. As part of their process, after an initial scoping session with their customer, a new project record is created in Salesforce and a Project Manager and Designer are assigned.

Based on their experience, Company X knows that a project manager typically spends about 2 hours per week on these types of projects. In addition, after the initial scoping call they have a rough idea of how many hours their designer will spend on the project as well as the target start and end dates.


When the record is saved, our project manager and designer are automatically assigned to the project. The project manager is forecasted for 2 hours per week and our designer is forecasted out for a total of 200 hours from the start date to the end date. All this was done just by creating the project record!


Let’s look at what is going on behind the scenes in process builder. The process starts whenever a project record is created (1). If a project manager has been identified on the project (2), create a resource assignment for the project manager (3). If a designer has been identified on the project (5), create a resource assignment for the designer (6).


Let’s look at each step in more detail:

  1. This is where we specify which object and action will trigger our process. In this case, we will execute our process whenever a Project record is created.automatically-assign-resources-to-cases-5
  2. This is where we identify criteria for our first set of actions. In this case, we are testing whether or not the Project Manager field on the Project has been filled in. If so, we will execute these steps, otherwise, we will go to the next criteria (5).automatically-assign-resources-to-cases-6table 1
  3. This is where we create our new Resource Assignment record for our project manager.In order to create the initial forecast, we will be using the Auto Forecast feature of Resource Hero. By entering details in the Forecast Mode, Auto Forecast Hours and Start / End date fields, forecast records will be automatically created. Remember, we know that project managers at Company X typically spend 2 hours (Auto Forecast Hours) per week (Forecast Mode) on their assigned projects.automatically-assign-resources-to-cases-7table 2
  4. This is where we specify what to do once the first set of actions completes. In this case, we will select Evaluate the next criteria since we want to check to see if we have a designer identified on the project as well.automatically-assign-resources-to-cases-8
  5. Similar to step 2, this is where we check to see if we have a Designer identified on the project.automatically-assign-resources-to-cases-9table 1
  6. Similar to step 3 above, this is where we enter the details to create a new resource assignment for our Designer. Again, we will leverage the Auto Forecasting feature of Resource Hero. The only difference is that now instead of hard coding 2 hours like we did for our Project Manager, we will use the Initial Work Estimate field to define the hours that will be spread between the start and end dates.automatically-assign-resources-to-cases-10table 2

Once this process is saved and activated, you should be all set. Whenever you assign a Project Manager and / or a Designer when creating a project, their assignments and initial forecasts will be automatically created for you!

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