Three step strategy to help with Salesforce user adoption


We went to the first Northern New Jersey Salesforce User Group meeting yesterday and were amazed at the turnout and content.

David Giller presented his learnings on training and adoption.

We all know about the grotesque expenses involved with poor deployments. Where people don’t know how to input data properly; therefore, it’s inaccurate, reports are unavailable, and the value decreases exponentially.

Here are David’s three steps to getting your users trained correctly and gaining the adoption that gets you the return you want.

Step 1: Prepare

  • Understand your business process and priorities thoroughly
  • Identify the key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure your success
  • Know all your existing Salesforce customizations, integrations, apps, and users’ pain points

Step 2 : Deploy

  • Devise a syllabus of topics to teach over 1-hour sessions both live and video conference
  • Plan and conduct 2 sessions per week for the entire curriculum
  • Record these sessions and build a library as you go

Step 3: Maintain

Keep regular meeting to:

  • Help and support your users
  • Identify any new issues, concerns, frustrations that may emerge
  • Mine your users for ideas on improvement
  • Allowing your users to have a venue to share best practices

These steps may seem like ‘duh’, but you’ll be surprised how many times people slip on these crucial steps. Yours truly included. Take heed of these steps from David to help with user adoption at your company.

David Giller is many things, one of which is the founder and CEO of a Brainiate, a Salesforce training and consulting company. They essentially empower your users on how to best leverage Salesforce and become  more productive and efficient. He brings a huge wealth of knowledge from his own experiences as well as the communities he is a part of.

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