Welcome to our Storm release

The newest version of Resource Hero is all about making life a lot easier. As always, you ask for it, and we deliver.

Lightning and user experience updates


We got a suit upgrade! Resource Hero is now designed and styled to look and behave appropriately in the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. You’ll see Resource Hero objects and Visualforce matrices have fresher icons, cleaner interface, and better text handling.

If you are an existing customer upgrading from a previous version to the new version 5: Storm, follow a few simple steps to get Resource Hero looking and working as intended.

Easily distribute hours

The forecast matrix is so useful because it captures information at the lowest common denominator – hours by day. Even with copy and paste, it can be daunting to manually input large amounts of data.


When assigning resources you can now easily distribute hours across a timespan. This allows you to forecast hours for your project by telling Resource Hero, “Olivia will spend 8 hours per day from today through the end of January.” Four new fields on the Manage Assignments screen will allow you to do this: hours, mode of distribution, start date, and end date.

Learn more about this feature on our support post, how to assign resources and distribute hours.

Copy and clone resource assignments

There are many use cases when you need to copy and clone entire resource assignments between and across object records. Our latest release introduces the Resource Hero Copy tab. From this tab, you enter a source record, destination record, the forecast fields you’d like to copy, and let Resource Hero handle the rest.


This allows you to create assignment templates that you can reuse to save time and create consistencies. This feature will also help if your business process spans multiple objects. Perhaps you’ve forecasted on an Opportunity in sales mode, but need to transfer the data to a custom Project object after the deal is closed/won. It’s now doable with a few clicks.

Learn more about this feature on our support post, how to clone resource assignments across records.

Performance boosts

The data that flows through the Resource Hero matrices push the limits of Salesforce capabilities. In this release, we’ve made several major improvements to enhance the processing and speed of our matrices. From reduced SOQL statements in transactions and code refactoring, you’ll notice increased speed and smoother transitions.

Check out Resource Hero on the Salesforce AppExchange where you can get started and install a free trial. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo or questions.

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