Resource Hero: Grey release is ready with a new design

We’re jumping for joy here to introduce the new Resource Hero: Grey release, now live on the AppExchange. Here’s what’s what we got for you in this release.


A whole new design for the forecast and actual matrices

We’ve taken the UI to a new level with a redesign of our matrices.

Resource Hero New Matrix Design

  • Expand the matrix timeline to 24-months
  • The current day or week as well as weekends are visually highlighted
  • Ability to sort by date added, last modified, or alphabetically


Introducing a brand new time tracking matrix

We made it even easier for people to track time with a simplified 7-day view and open notes panel for journaling your time entries.

New Resource Hero Matrix for Time Tracking


More administrator controls

Administrators now have more control over Resource Hero screens:

  • Customize the grey, green, red utilization color to whatever you wish
  • Customize the fields that are displayed on the manage assignments screen
  • Control how the matrix view should look on default load


See what’s was released in previous versions of Resource Hero and be sure to check out our documentation for help getting set up.

As always don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo or questions.

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