The new Resource Hero: Clark release brings in note taking functionality, expanded support for objects and more customization

We’re ecstatic to announce Resource Hero: Clark release is now live on the AppExchange.

Notes Panel in Day View

As we’ve been enhancing the time tracking capabilities of Resource Hero we’re enthusiastic to share the new note taking capabilities for the Day view matrix.

Resource Hero Notes Panel


The new notes panel allows all users to add notes to their forecast or actual time. This give you the opportunity to journal the actual or forecast time.

Expanded support for all standard and custom objects

Resource Hero can now work on standard objects that don’t have ‘Name’ fields. Matrices and fields can be setup to the case object or other managed packages.

Resource Hero on the Case Object

Learn how to set up Resource Hero on custom objects and other standard objects

Customize the first column name on the Resource Actuals Matrix

Use your own custom fields to display on the first column of the Resource tab matrix. For example, you can display the case number along with the case case subject.

Customize the first column

Learn how to customize the first column of the resource actuals matrix.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

We squashed bugs and you’ll notice everything working smoother and faster.

See what’s was released in previous versions of Resource Hero and be sure to check out our documentation for help getting set up.

As always don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo or questions.

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