Winter 14 Release introduces the long awaited “Day” view and a few UI enhancements

Resource Hero Winter 14 release is now live on the AppExchange.

We’re very excited to take time tracking and forecasting to the next level by integrating the “Day” view. You can now toggle between the default Week view and the new Day view.

Animated Day view toggle

With the introduction of the day view, we also updated the RHA configuration screen for administrators to disable the day view, set the number of days in the work week, and set the start of the work week.

You’ll also notice several user experience enhancements that were made:

  • The current row will highlight so that you know which resource and object you are manipulating
  • The Resource and Object names will link directly to the detail page
  •  The matrices will scroll much smoother

If you’ve installed this Winter 14 release, check out our instructions on setting up Day view.

See what’s was released in previous versions of Resource Hero and be sure to check out our documentation for help getting set up.

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