Overview of Resource Hero components on an object

Resource Hero can be setup on the Opportunity tab or other objects and customized to your business. The following 4 components/sections work together on the Opportunity Tab.

Learn how to setup these components on your opportunity tab

Learn how to setup these component on another standard or custom tab

Forecasts Matrix

The Resource Hero Forecasts Matrix allows users to add and manage the resources, quickly forecast hours per week, and traverse through the timeline. The matrix is a visual force component that comes with Resource Hero and can be added to opportunities and other objects.




Actuals Matrix

The Resource Hero Actuals Matrix is another Visualforce component that allows users to quickly add and track actual time spent in hours per week. Depending on your specific business needs, you can opt not to display this on tabs or even set them as read only.




With all the forecast and actual resource assignment data in Salesforce, Resource Hero comes with rollup fields that calculate the blended rate (only available on the Opportunity tab), total forecast hours, total forecast amount, total actual hours, total actual amount, and the forecasted versus actual difference for forecasts and actuals. Based on your business needs you may not need to display all these fields or you may want to move them to other areas of the layout.




We know that opportunities and projects move across various stages. For example, your Opportunity might move from Discovery, Prospect, Win, or Lose. Resource Hero hours and assignments status can now to be easily manipulated based upon the stage of your opportunity. This functionality works for the Opportunity tab for all editions and on other objects/tabs.

  • RH Exclude on Resources Tab – when checked, the opportunity will not display on any of the matrices on the Resources Tab. This is useful when you want to keep the Resources Tab matrices uncluttered and focuses on present and future.
  • RH Exclude from Utilization Coloring – when checked, the hours associated with the opportunity will not be taken into account in the gray, green, red utilization colors on any matrices. This is helpful for situations where the opportunity is on hold or closed, but you’s like to save the assigned hours for archive.
  • RH Make Read Only – when checked, all the matrices associated with the opportunity will be read only and cannot be altered. This comes in handy when projects are completed and no resource changes should be happening.
  • RH Archive Resource Assignment – when checked, will automatically exclude the opportunity on the resources tab, exclude from utilization coloring, and make the matrices read only.




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