Resource Hero v2.5: archiving and more

Resource Hero version 2.5 is now live on the AppExchange. Here’s what’s new:


Expanded Utilization Coloring & Decimal Points

The utilization coloring is super helpful when forecasting resources. Seeing the gray, green, and red colors on the matrix allow you to easily see when a resources is under, over, or just right. We’ve extended this color coding to display even when you haven’t input any hours. This way, you can easily see the utilization of a resource before entering hours.

We’ve also enabled fractions of hours to be entered as decimal points, so one and a half hours can be input as 1.5 hours. Happy forecasting and tracking!


Resource Status fields can help archive forecasting and time tracking

We know that opportunities and projects move across various stages. For example, your Opportunity might move from Discovery, Prospect, Win, or Lose. Resource Hero hours and assignments status can now to be easily manipulated to based on the stage of your opportunity. This functionality works for the Opportunity tab for all editions and on other objects/tabs on Enterprise editions or higher.

We introduced 4 new fields that control this status:

Resource Hero Status Fields


Setup workflows to automatically affect status

Enterprise editions and up can use workflow and automation to access the status functionality of Resource Hero. Set a custom workflow triggers that automatically sets the RH Archive Resource Assignment to true when the stage is set to “Lost”.

Custom Resource Hero Triggers


Resource Hero Calculations on objects other than Opportunity

Objects that have Resource Hero on them can now have Resource Hero calculation roll up fields just like the Opportunities tab.


Read about how to setup Resource Hero Calculations roll up fields on objects (coming soon)


Resource Hero Configuration

As we evolve Resource Hero, we’re looking to make the life of administrators easier. In this version, we’ve introduced the Resource Hero Configuration page to quickly make preference changes across your org.

Read about how to access Resource Hero Configuration


Contact us if you’d like to request a demo, or get it now at the AppExchange.


Read about how to setup Resource Hero on the opportunity tab

Read about how to setup Resource Hero on other standard and custom tabs

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