Resource Hero v2.0 is out with time tracking, real-time utilization feedback, and more

Its been a really busy 6 months since we launched Resource Hero. Fun times meeting all types of businesses large and small, welcoming new customers, and solving everyday business headaches.

We planned Resource Hero as a minimum viable product and the strategy is all about rapid iteration. As an ever-evolving product all the great feedback has been very helpful.

Now, resource planning is that much easier to manage. Low and behold version 2.0 is live!

For those of you who are new to Resource Hero; it resource planning and 
(now) time tracking through an easy-to-use interface 
on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Here’s whats new in version 2.0:

Add the Resource Hero matrix to custom tabs and objects

Resource Hero Forecast and Actual Matrices can now be added to custom tabs, or any standard tab which contains a name field. This makes sense when you have objects such as a Project tab or something similar.

Set utilization and rate targets for Resources

New fields such as Min Rate, Target Rate, Min & Max Hours/ week, and Team help provide realtime utilization feedback, robust revenue reports, and organization.

Set utilization and rate targets for Resources

Receive realtime color- coded utilization feedback

Using the Resource Hero matrix has always been as easy as using a spreadsheet, but now; as hours per week are entered, the Resource Hero Matrix will display the Resource’s utilization in realtime. Gray cells denote under-utilization, Green cells denote target thresholds, and Red cells denote over-utilization.

Receive realtime color- coded utilization feedback

Add multiple resources 
to an opportunity through a single interface

The new Assignment Manager can add, edit, and delete multiple resources for any opportunity through one interface.

Resource Hero Assignment manager

See the entire timeline in a single view

The improved Time Navigator in the Resource Hero Matrix can expand the matrix timeline to view by quarter, 6-month, and year intervals.

See the entire Resource Hero matrix timeline

Tracking time like using a spreadsheet

Resource time tracked can be input on the Resource Hero Actual Matrix (or imported) to allow powerful forecast versus actual utilization reports.

Track project time 
 like using a spreadsheet

Compare forecast versus actuals

Resource Hero Forecast and Actual Matrices can be stacked on the Opportunity and Resource tabs to allow comparison. These data points can be used to run powerful reports.

Compare forecast versus actuals

Contact us if you’d like to request a demo or get it now at the AppExchange.

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