v6.0 - January 2019 Holiday Schedules Paid Time Off (PTO) Management Support for Multiple Languages Key permission sets Matrix detects changes and refreshes automatically Bug fixes and performance improvements
v5.11 - September 2018 New Time Tracking Interface
v5.7 - April 2017 Mobile Time Tracking
v5.1 - October 2016 Resource Hero Dashboard Matrix in Month view Customize Matrix Columns Sort and filter any column Archive Individual Resource Assignments New administrative controls Auto-Forecasting on Update Security Enhancements
v5.0 - May 2016 Lightning and user experience updates Easy distribution of hours when managing assignments Copy and clone resource assignments Performance boosts
v4.3 - July 2015 New design for the forecast and actual matrices Brand new time tracking matrix Administrator controls for utilization color, manage assignments screen, matrix defaults Performance enhancements
v4.0 - March 2015 New notes panel in “Day” view to journal work Expanded support for all standard and custom objects Customize the first column name on the Resource Actuals Matrix Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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